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One stop shop for all your Furniture Needs!

by Anuj Kumar 31 May 2019


When you do up your home, the furniture should be comfortingly familiar yet it should have a touch of vitality which makes your home lively.


Combine and Compliment


If mix and match is your style, there is no method to the madness. We cater to your whims and fancies, merging the quirky with every day.

You can always redecorate and splurge with new sets of furniture. We can give you some very good ideas for your mix and match the redecoration process.

Leopard print, low loungers which add cheer to your home- all are available with us.

Avant-garde or Antiquated


The choice is yours. We make it our business to give you distinctive looks which are stunning. We have vintage, classic designs which appeal to your well-bred taste. Or, if you prefer the minimalistic look with sleek design; merging practicality with style – you name it, we have it.



A chest of drawers, bedroom benches with storage, bookshelves, TV units, bedside tables not only count up to the beauty of your home but have a dash of practicality. Line up your favorite books, emergency meds, and a bottle of infused, herbal water, your favorite novel or Kindle –all this can be stored or occupy a pride of place in/on the accessories in your room.

All Time Hits


Our bestsellers bring customers to us time and again. These include stylish sofas, coffee tables, dining sets. This will make your space look stunning and interesting.

All these make your home more appealing and give a practical solution to your everyday issues.

Home Sweet Home


A home is a reflection of you, your state of mind.

One need not have a big budget to deck your home. All one needs is clarity of thought about the look you want – minimalistic, futuristic, contemporary or classic. If it’s your new home there are a galore of options – you can choose from to fit the size of your home and pocket.

In your existing home space, the next step is to rearrange or mix up the existing furniture with clever pieces. These serve a multipurpose- add to the décor plus provide you with storage. These smart and savvy investments can give your existing home a brilliant make-over or make your new home a thing of envy in your coteries of friends and relatives.

Forget floor plans. Arrange the furniture where it is the most comfortable and it will look the best.

Add sweetness to your home- Get a quotation from us to furnish your home:

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