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Buy the Best Quality Sofa Online at Affordable Prices

Planning to put up a lounge chair in your living room to give you a place to stay calm and private or host people? Look no further! Get My Couch allows you to choose among a variety of sofas that not only fit as a part of a cozy atmosphere but also come at a reasonable price. They can be luxurious and warm or minimalist and chic, and there is always a sofa tailored to your style and the size of each space.

We realize that saving money while investing in a very cool couch is necessary.

Due to this, we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers will have the option to purchase a very high-quality piece of home furniture while saving money. Every sofa designed is made from robust materials and finished with quality work by trained craftsmen which guarantees comfort for you and your family throughout its lifetime.

Shopping online for your dream sofa is a piece of cake when you have a user-friendly website where the products are sourced and delivered with ease. Whether you are looking for a big sectional for your family photo night or a sleek loveseat for some time with a loved one, you can go for us.

This special opportunity of our treasury and we swear that we will give you back the money you spend, which is worth it, will be on different things you have loved for a long time.

Don’t wait and turn your living room into the most comfortable space now with a quality sofa from our collection.

Choose from a variety of Designer Sofas & Couches

Imagine this: There you are in your living room, smiling at your ideal couch, waiting for you to come home worn out after another long day. Then again, we have so many choices.

Then how do you choose? Fear not! Let us walk you through the designer sofa world where comfort goes hand in hand with elegance in every bend and twist.

    • L-shaped Sofas: The L-shaped sofas provide a contemporary and functional means of up-to-the-minute seating in the small space. The distinctive design constitutes effortless incorporation of the sofa against a wall or in the middle of the room as it affords enough space for relaxing and catering to large gatherings without upsetting the arrangement of the room. L-shaped sofas that have multiple configurations provide the benefits of both comfort and style, consequently making them the most likely choice for a modern living room.

    • Sectional Sofas: One of the benefits of a sectional sofa is that it can offer variable seating positions to ensure that they fit any room's configuration. Offering modular styles ensures flexibility and versatility, helping achieve the ideal seating arrangement for your space. You will find sectional sofas perfect for every size of a living room. Whether you prefer a snuggling corner setup or a large open setup, you will enjoy having ample space for relaxing and socializing. This makes sectionals the ideal piece of furniture for a modern interior.

    • Corner Sofas: Sofas for corners are built to fit into angled corners perfectly and are ideal for creating a unique ambiance with coziness and comfort. Cozy L shapes create a comfortable couch and coffee table combo ideal for small living rooms and nooks. The corner sofas, which are both functional and fashionable, provide any space, be it a living room, lounge, or family room, with the required comfort and style.
    • Curved Sofas: Round sofas with their curved design promote fine taste and style to any living space. The curved shape sofas brings back the flow with their use in angular decorated spaces and makes them a chic and engaging choice for trendy modern houses. Besides their comfy seat and eye-catching design, curved sofas have their flair while also offering a place to both relax and socialize at the same time.
    • Sofa cum beds: Sofa cum beds enhance flexibility to the maximum by joining the role of a fashionable sofa in the daytime and a sleeper for the night. Ideal for guest rooms or small apartments, just saving space while offering a mix of comfort and style. They represent the balance between traditional and modern lifestyles, and, hence, they are favored by many in the contemporary living area.

Now, then, which sofa did you fall in love with? Whether it is the snug sitting of a corner sofa or the sophistication of a sofa cum bed we have the solution for you. You might just end up lounging the day away on one of our designer sofas and couches as we guarantee your living space is about to get a whole lot cozier—and a whole lot cooler!

Explore Types of Sofas available online at GetMyCouch

We are here for all your comfort and elegance needs. When you visit our online store, we’ll walk you through a virtual showroom with a wide range of liftable sofas, allowing you to make the most of the space you have. Whether you need an extra comfy chair for your bedtime readings or the right spacious sofa for your family movie night, we've got all sizes of seating arrangements for every part of your home.

    • 1-Seater Sofas: Cozy and petite, 1-seater sofas can be the most worthy guest in any room. The safety zone for bookworms who design and occupy space to cozily curl up with books. Size is also one of their assets since they are versatile for usage inside apartments or smaller living rooms, where space issue is widely shared, yet don’t prevent you from having an aesthetically pleasing chair.
    • 2-Seater Sofas: Perfect for escaping to the privacy of your own space or a group of special people, the 2-seaters are not only coziest but also provide great practicality. It provides the space sufficiently for two people to swap comfortably. Just as much as the 2-seater sofas are varied to fulfil different occasions, they are a very interesting option depending on the dimensions of the room.
    • 3-Seater Sofas: The 3-seat sofas are best suited for small gatherings or families, which need more space but do not want to compromise the seating comfort of their guests. The wide space of these lounges allows for spending more time relaxing with friends or family, thus they are the best for those who enjoy movie nights and much more. These sofas are in a way hugely spacious and look so fashionable, so they will stand out in a living room.
    • Couches: A couch serves as the main point through which guests and your family connect. A perfect finding when you need a space to relax with your family or simply enjoy your simple moments. As the focal point of the room, couches not only provide extra seating but also contribute to the living space's wholesomeness and uniqueness, thanks to their traditional appearance and timeless charm.
    • Sofa Sets: Finish your living room with a coordinated sofa set by buying 1, 2, and 3-ers sofas depending on your space and family's needs. These sets are good for a definite look and have enough seats to fit all the people in your household so that you can get comfort and style from one easy package. The sofa set which has the match designs and harmonious pieces that look complementary to one another creates a comfortable and relaxed ambiance for your home.

Enter the world of our sofa range and discover that comfort & style can go well together. Whether it’s two-some cuddling on a 2-seater sofa or a big get-together watching movies on a 3-seater, our sofas always bring home warmth whenever you use them.

Types of Materials Used for Sofas

Finding a sofa has been made easy and exciting with GetMyCouch. Each sofa in our collection bespeaks a personality that is eagerly waiting to be unmasked. Whether it's the cozy touch of a velvety sofa or the ever-charming leather one - our sofas are like old pals always ready to host you with mesmerizing arms.

Let's explore a variety of sofas booming with heartfelt love and comfort, crafted for your comfort& home.

    • Velvet Sofas: Lined with velvet or other material that favours richness and opulence, velvet sofas create a sophisticated and elegant ambiance. Often noted for their plush and luxurious looks, velvety sofas contribute to the sense of sophistication and style in a room. From their lush pillows and extraordinary comfort to their cozy and stylish effect, they are just what every home needs to enjoy comfort in style.
    • Leather Sofas: ‘Timeless’ and ‘Durable’ Leather sofas are the ultimate classics and are as relevant in modern-day times as they were in the past. This couch combines lasting value with supreme comfort and thus makes it the best choice for your seating needs. A leather-furnished sofa won’t only provide you with the swankier look that roughly most people are seeking, but it is also greatly comfortable when in use. They are easy to clean and require no maintenance, thus developing their finish with time which is significant as characterless pieces always seem alluring.
    • Suede Sofas: By being soft and luxurious with cushioning detail, suede sofas are thereby a warm and comforting setting for lounging and relaxation. Furnishing your house with suede sofas, which have softer textures and are much easier to touch, surpass traditional outdated furnishings in comfort and style. Here you can find a great range of colors, especially suited for any kind of space, whether it be for warmth or style, perfect for your home and you as well.
    • Bouclé Sofas: A great choice for the trendy direction, these sofas belong to the modern interior style. The prominent texture and inviting fluffiness of the bouclé sofa add a layer to the space it becomes. Their unique texture and softness make it easy to create a cozy ambiance that, however, is not only perfect for unwinding after a hard day's work but also ideal for entertaining stylishly.
    • Fabric Sofas: Not only are fabric sofas practical and customizable, but they also come in a large variety of designs, materials, and colors that suit any manner of tastes and budgets. From traditional to modern, cloth sofas offer countless options for one to express his or herself in terms of textiles. They are quite sturdy and feature a plush seating area that makes them an attractive option for both relaxed solo time and socializing with friends and family in the home.

Imagine laughing, speaking, or moments of silence thanks to your new traditional couch with us in your apartment.

It will not only be the focal point of the room’s interior but also a treasured item for your loved ones, bringing warmth, comfort, and happiness for many years to come.

Things to consider before buying Couches or Sofas Online

Ah… the quest for the perfect sofa, where comfort and style align, and budget meets taste! So, as you proceed towards finding your perfect seating companion let us make this trip together through the key stages, to make your sofa expedition enjoyable like that of melting into a warm fuzzy cushion after a tiresome day.

    • Budget: Make sure to set your budget before making all the purchases. Being aware of your budget establishes a shopping range that is compatible with your wallet size and helps you obtain the furniture that offers the best value instead of blowing your financial budget. Take into account long-term investment and financing options that are compatible with your financial goals and preferences.
    • Type of Sofa: Think of your lifestyle and room sizes, sectional, loveseat, or sleeper sofa may be your choice. The proper type strikes that perfect balance between comfort and function whilst flattering your room design and presenting a suitable match to the intended interior arrangement and usage patterns. Take into account how you are planning to use your sofa, either as entertainment for friends, lounging, or accommodating overnight visitors, and therefore select the choice that will serve you best at home.
    • Material: The choice of material is a crucial decision, and it must meet your style and preference, such as choosing leather for its durability or textile for its comfort. The option of the material affects not merely the aesthetical beauty but also the functionality for everyday usage so that it can fully meet your demands for a long time. Consider items like future remnants, weathering protection, as well as the type of pets or kids around. Thus, the decision of the best material for you will be easy.
    • Style & Design: If you have a specific style and design in mind that goes with your current decor, pick a sofa that you like and one that is perfectly consistent with your existing decor. Whether your personal preference is modern minimalism or classic sophistication, the decor that you choose makes the living room look complete and appropriate and it also reflects you as a person, giving you an identity that has been hidden in your heart. Consider characteristics such as colour, texture, and silhouette to locate the deserved sofa, which fits your decor and even crafts a statement alone.
    • Warranty & Installation: Take a look at sellers who give broad terms and easy installation packages. By providing a reliable warranty, a customer is granted with a sense of tranquility, while professional installation ensures a smooth and non-stressed process of the setup, that will allow you to get funfrolic and to enjoy the new sofa immediately. Make sure to check for warranty terms, conditions, and installation options as well so you get to enjoy your product without worries.
    • Cushioning & Comfort: Consider the level of foaminess and supportive cushioning of the sofa and make sure you are always comfortable. Think of the firmness, support, and ergonomics of the cushion and its cover, and determine if the sofa matches your preference as well as provides a suitable and comfortable seating experience for you and your family members. Sit on a sofa to check all the details like the depth of the seat, the cushion, and the back cushion to reassure yourself about your final choice.
    • Measure Your Space: The perfect sofa depends on how accurately it’s measured for your living room or the space you’ve designated for it. Different perspectives help avoid overcrowding and necessarily locate said sofa in such a way as to ensure the best spacing and mimic the room’s use functionality excellently, elevating the comfort and visual levels at the same time. Consider among others questions such as how big or small the doorways and hallways are, or in what way you may need to furnish the area; these are some of the things you may need to assess before settling on the right size and layout of space.
    • Durability: Consider the sofa's durability based on the type of frame, type of upholstery, and stitching which may have an impact on longevity. A good sofa has to look pretty good all the time even when it is subjected to daily usage in households as it is structurally stable and hence does not change with time, instead, it stays the same in your house. One should consider features such as kiln-dried knots-free hardwood frames, reinforced stitching, and highly resilient density foam cushions for long-lasting durability and performance.

Thereby, with a clear budget, a picture of your space, and a view of your lifestyle, it is time to move forward with your sofa selection process. May it have a lasting impression just like the true essence of its materials, as cozy as its cushion, and as unique as your seamless taste. Happy sofa hunting!

Why Buy Sofa & Loungers Online from GetMyCouch?

We revolutionize the way you shop for sofas & loungers online, offering an unparalleled blend of quality, customization, & affordability. At the heart of our offerings lies a commitment to excellence, with solid wood frames ensuring durability & longevity, setting a solid foundation for your comfort.

One of our standout features is the ability to tailor every aspect of your sofa to your preferences. From seat depth to dimensions, type of foam to legs, fabric to colour – the power to create your dream piece lies in your hands. This bespoke approach ensures that your furniture perfectly complements your lifestyle & aesthetic preferences, making every purchase a truly personal experience.

But customization isn't our only forte. Get My Couch prides itself on offering premium designs at pocket-friendly prices, making luxury accessible to all. Moreover, our BYOS (Build Your Own Sofa) feature empowers you to unleash your creativity & design prowess, resulting in a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that speaks to your unique style.

We understand that quality is non-negotiable, which is why we back our products with industry-leading warranties. With a 3-year warranty on foam and a lifetime warranty on frames, you can rest assured that your investment is protected for the long haul. Additionally, our buy-back guarantee underlines our confidence in the durability and performance of our products.

Our sofa fabrics are not just soft – they're luxuriously soft, ranging from velvety touch to towel fabric, leather, and poly-cotton. With durability in mind, all fabrics boast a weight of over 200 gsm, ensuring longevity without compromising on comfort.

Furthermore, our multi-layered foam ensures special comfort, whether you prefer a firm, medium, or soft seat. Coupled with pocket spring construction, our sofas offer unparalleled comfort akin to recliners, ensuring that relaxation is never compromised.

With us, comfort and style converge seamlessly, taking your lounging experience to new heights.

Top Trending Sofas for 2024

Check out our lineup of the hottest sofas for 2024 that blend comfort and coolness seamlessly. Upgrade your living space effortlessly with these trendy options!

Type of Sofa Price in INR

Marco Sofa (In Velvet Fabric)

INR 19,999/-

Zivo Sofa (In Premium Velvet Fabric)

INR 21,999/-

Dinzo 3+2 Sofa (In Se-Green Velvet Fabric)

INR 47,999/-

Liam Sofa (In Premium Suede Fabric)

INR 27,999/-

Corita Sofa (In Premium Cotton Fabric)

INR 23,999/-

Frequently Asked Questions about Beds

Which is the most durable Sofa?
For ultimate durability, opt for sofas crafted with a solid wood frame. Also, sofas featuring firm foam cushions tend to outlast those with softer spring designs.
How to check the quality of a Sofa?

Here's how you can check the quality of a sofa based on the following list of considerations:

  1. Frame: Ensure the frame is made of solid wood, like meranti wood. Tap or press on the frame to check for sturdiness and make sure there are no creaks or wobbles.

  2. Foam Quality and Warranty: Ask about the foam used in the cushions. High-density foam is preferable for durability and comfort. Check if the manufacturer offers a warranty on the foam to guarantee its quality over time.

  3. Spring and Fastener Quality: If the sofa has springs, make sure they are of good quality and properly attached to the frame. Test the springs by sitting on different parts of the sofa to ensure consistent support. Additionally, check the fasteners used to assemble the sofa for strength and durability.

  4. Fabric GSM: A higher GSM indicates thicker and more durable fabric. Run your hand over the fabric to assess its thickness and quality. Look for fabrics with a GSM appropriate for your lifestyle and usage.

  5. Overall Weight: A heavier sofa typically indicates better quality, as it suggests the use of sturdy materials in construction. Try to lift or move the sofa slightly to gauge its weight and solidity.
Which Fabric is best suited for sofas?

Considering the factors of comfort, touch & feel, pet/kid-friendliness, and maintenance, the best fabric for a sofa would depend on your priorities:

  1. Comfort: Velvet and polycotton fabrics excel here, offering a plush and cozy feel that's perfect for sinking into after a long day

  2. Touch & Feel: Again, velvet and polycotton fabrics win with their soft and luxurious texture, providing a delightful experience.

  3. Pet/Kids Friendly: Velvet surprisingly shines in this department, as its dense pile can withstand a bit of roughhousing from pets and kids. Polycotton also fares well due to its durability and ease of cleaning.

  4. Maintenance: Both velvet and polycotton fabrics are easy to maintain, making them ideal choices for busy households. However, if you prefer a premium look and feel, cotton is a good option despite requiring more maintenance.

While leather may look great initially, it's not the most practical choice for households with pets or kids due to its susceptibility to scratches and wrinkles over time. Additionally, leather sofas aren't suitable for hot environments. Leatherette, while easy to clean, can be prone to cuts, so it's important to consider your lifestyle and environment before opting for these materials.

What is the difference between a sofa & couch?
The most apparent difference between a sofa and a couch is their design, style, and intended purpose. Sofas are associated with a formal appearance, and larger size and are suitable both for informal and formal occasions while emphasizing comfort and flexibility. Unlike a sofa that is bigger, formal, and often used in living rooms, couches are usually small, and casual and are connected to relaxation in informal spaces such as family rooms or den. The couches may have a lower price value compared to the sofas taking into consideration the size and complexity of design, while the couches might be budget-friendly alternatives.
What’s the best method to clean the sofa?
If you want to clean your sofa fast and efficiently, the first thing to do is to use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate dust and debris on the surface. For stains, blot with a clean cloth and a moderate upholstery cleaner in a gentle manner. For general cleaning either rent a steam cleaner or contact a professional service. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and conduct a spot test on any cleaner in a hidden area. Let the couch air dry completely before use again.