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Howdy, Foodies?! If you are ready to obtain Michelin star-level dining as if it costs a penny, you are at the right place. Proceed to grab your forks and spoons and feel the rush like Get My Couch is bringing you all the best dining table sets on the market!

Visualize having a dinner party with your best friends, knowing that the table at which you have your meals tells a story of style and elegance. Well, guess what? Everything you need for your dream dining collections is simultaneously a mouse click away!

For us, the best design doesn't have to be coupled with an expensive cost. To make it possible for our customers to experience the joys of dining with family and friends, we have designed luxurious dining table sets from a combination of impeccable craftsmanship and pocket-friendly prices.

Be it the minimalist contemporary look or the classic rustic theme, there is a dining set for every style and interior home decor.

So why wait? Create a beautiful dining space without breaking the bank and become the party host with our most affordable dining table sets. If you feel like you are ready to look stylish and spend time at the dining table, then before you check out, get help from us, because we have got you. Happy Dining!


Shop from a Variety of Dining table sets available Online.

Get excited! Because this time, we are going to have extravagance in dining! Take your pick from the massive 6-seaters to the petite 2-seaters, this is the best you can offer for style and functionality. Now dress up your tables with exquisite dining chairs, and make every dining occasion unique and special!

  • 6-Seater Dining Tables: Best suited for big families or those who are entertainment lovers, 6-seater dining tables are spacious enough to accommodate groups during gatherings and meals. Being broad and big enough to seat six, these tables ensure that everyone has enough space to enjoy a clutter-free meal with others in the group. A six-seater dining table can be used to set the mood for a festive holiday dinner, a simple weekend brunch, or just a casual get-together with friends and family. It is the place where food, laughter, and memories are shared.
  • 4-Seater Dining Tables: Whether you live in an apartment with limited space or want to crave for a dinner with your friends or family, this length of a table will surely it to everyone’s liking. Although are usually the least space-consuming, they still have proper space for sitting which works to save floor space in your home. Whether it is an everyday dinner or a cozy dinner for two, 4-seater dining tables provide flexibility and functionality at the same time without taking the style or comfort away.
  • 3-Seater Dining Tables: The tables are designed to meet the needs of intimate groups or small families with the limited space being on the one hand a cozy space and on the other functional space. Dine peacefully with your companions or use it as a multi-purpose room for different kinds of activities outside of eating. These tables are just small enough to fit in a few guests at a time but can create an intimate setting.
  • 2-Seater Dining Tables: This personal seating area is crafted for private get-togethers and comfortably close dining engagements to enhance its intimacy and charm. Whether you prefer a romantic dinner for two or a casual drink with a friend, these tables provide a cozy environment to have your meals while you can also enjoy your time. The fact that they are compact makes them fit for a small dining area or even better to serve as an optional piece to a set of dining tables to create multi-functionality.
  • Dining Chairs: Finish your dining set with sitting chairs that are fashionable as well as comfortable at the same time. From plush upholstered seats for added comfort to sleek metal or wooden forms for a modern appearance, there are lots of different types of dining chairs to match your table and to suit your style. Choose chairs with or without armrests and don’t forget about cushioning and back support for smooth meals. Dining chairs that are comfortable laying and give a pleasant to the room serve not only a practical function but also create an aesthetic appeal and are a focal point for your dining area.

Decide on your rolling art and add impressions at your tables. It shall result in becoming meaningful moments. Raise your glasses to offbeat to modern world dining!


Choose from a wide range of materials for your dining table.

Explore the arena of dining tables, from the enduring allure of marble top to the timeless charm of wood and the contemporary sleekness of metallic finishes ranging from marble, wood & even metallics.


  • Composite Marble: With the toughen-up characteristic and the affordability factor, composite marble makes an ideal option for daily uses to provide long-lasting beauty without degrading the quality or the costs.
  • Nano Tops: Let your kitchen or dining room surface transform into a space of nano tops which entail a high-gloss finish that bears every aspect of style, luxury, and value while requiring minimal effort to clean and maintain its functionality even under the toughest conditions.
  • Real Marble: An embodiment of timeless beauty is marble, known for its natural veins and unique patterns which are irreplaceable in any dining room. Largely, marble is the ultimate accent that spans epochs as it's not subject to out-of-fashion.
  • Onyx Marble: Take Zeal to a whole new level with a rare and unique onyx marble, celebrated by all aesthetes, for mystical veins and beguiling transparency that will capture the eyes and transform your dining area into a classy abode where you can be with those who understand the epitome of luxurious living.
  • Travertine Marble: Enjoy the rustic richness of travertine marble, which is the most popular material listed in trade books by companies such as Titan and Tanishq where multiple categories are available with lots of little differences. They offer an unrivaled selection of stones with amazing surfaces and interior colors that resemble raw nature while allowing you to get an amazing, adorned atmosphere of your dream dining room.

Wooden Dining Tables:

  • Sheesham Wood: Savor the irreversible beauty and personality of sheesham wood, known for its unique grain patterns and natural texture, resulting in a timeless style that infuses any dining area with warmth and credibility.
  • Rubber Wood: Integrate sustainability with durability by adding rubber wood that provides a light grain that perfectly creates harmony with any decor style, at the same time providing excellent resistance to everyday wearing and tearing, hence, a perfect option for the environment-conscious homeowners who want to own a stylish and strong home.
  • Teak Wood: The pride of the luxury world is nothing but teak wood, its characteristic properties of unmatched endurance and weather-resistant aptness have made it the best choice for both indoor and outdoor dining environments, thus ensuring lifetime good looks and a sense of class.


  • CRC Mild Steel: Give your dining area a strong industrial chic and burnishing durability look with CRC steel. It consists of straight lines and a contemporary design that can provide your decor with an urban sophistication and modern minimalism for those who prefer wine down in style. 
  • Stainless Steel: Having the table customized with the mesmerizing allure and the longstanding power of stainless steel is available in an array of trendy alluring colors from chrome, gold rose, gold, silver, and black, giving you the ability to customize the table to accommodate your style while enjoying the ease and durability in maintenance.
  • Follow up with the most recent trend in dining sets - cane chairs that not only enhance the natural element but also bring modern appeal to your space. These lightweight yet strong chairs have subtle woven and each of these chairs has a beautiful design on it which enhances its charm and sophistication and makes it ideal for modern or bohemian-inspired dining rooms. Cane chairs, with their airy construction and neutral colors, are very fit for any decor style and they can make us feel comfortable and nice at the same time.

At the same time, customize your dining business to a higher level simply with a choice of customizable chairs, permitting you to fine-tune your designs, upholstery, and finishes that are suitable for your preferences and vision.

A wide selection of premium materials from cookies to silver metal ornaments is available and this means that the chairs you choose will guarantee a unique look to your dining room and will not only be at the highest levels of sophistication but will provide comfort that you had never before dreamed of.


Choose from a wide range of materials for your dining table.

Treat yourself to the breathtaking ambiance of dining room decor, where elegance mingles with practicality, and every meal forever remains a joyful event. Let us start with the first step - that is making sure that you get the dining table set that suits your needs. Get ready to find the ingredients for the packaging of all your food needs, from admirable material to space-saving solutions.


  • Material: Be sure to make the material of the dining table set one of your concerns due to both aesthetic appeal and utmost durability and maintenance. Alternatives range from the most acceptable such as wood, marble, glass, metals, and stone among others. Work on the positive or negative attributes of every material for your situation, like scratches, stains, and heat-resistant qualities. Also, take into account if the textile allows you to pair it with your existing furniture and is easy to keep clean and take care of in the long run.
  • Measure the Dining Room: Measure precisely the place dimensions of your dining hall to have your dining room table collection stay stylish and coherently placed. Focus on the measures of the room like how it is long, wide, and tall as well as the architectural, features or barriers that are in the way and influence placement. Provide for required clearance dimension around the table permitting chairs to be pulled out with people having space to move around freely. Consider the entrances, windows, and other pieces of furniture as you go through the process of ensuring the set is positioned in a way that creates a balanced look in the room.
  • Desired Table Size: Decide the most appropriate dining table size for your household concerning the number of people dining, the regular dining habits, and the available space. Think about the table size and recommend space for all cutleries, food trays, and enough chairs to make sure the guests feel comfortable. Calculate the number of guests if you draw them frequently, then a larger table with extra spacing should be your decision. However, a table with less seating is an efficient solution when you have a limited dining space so you can invest in round or extendable tables that can easily be adapted to various uses.
  • Budget: Set a realistic budget for the dining table by taking into account not just the cost of the table but also of the accompanying chairs, delivery, and the cost of assembly (i.e. glue, tool, etc.). Balance the budget according to the quality and durability you need to choose the right value within the given price tag of your budget.
  • Shape: Choose a table shape according to your dining room’s layout, your taste, and what capabilities you desire. The Styles available may include rectangular, round, square, and oval shapes, which can be chosen for the benefits and constraints they offer. Rectangular tables are of great advantage when it comes to parties with more people, whereas round tables encourage close parlance and movement transition. Keep in mind the dimensions of your dining room, the normal number of people you serve a meal to, and the style of your home while choosing the shape for your dining table set.
  • Seating Capacity: Figure out the seating capacity for your dining table set considering the size of your household, how often you entertain, and available space. So not only the number of chairs, but also their size, style, and feel must be taken into account. Provide additional place settings for guests, but do not until the table because this can ruin the dining experience. When the space is limited, provide space-saving seating solutions such as benches that can be folded when not required. Therefore, aim for comfortability and functionality during the process of choosing your dining room set seating.
  • Style: The preference of the dining table set appearance should be put in mind and make sure they blend well with the total house flavour. The table, its chairs, as well as its finish and decorative elements are important in presenting your design as a whole. Also, the matching of other decorations is important. Whatever your taste is whether it is traditional, modern, rustic, or eclectic, look at the pieces and make sure they fit into the image you are trying to create in the dining room. Keep materials, colors, and textures in mind as you purchase your table set for it to be an attention-grabbing piece that is also timeless and versatile altogether.

Congratulations! By following these simple tips, you certainly could discover the only dining table set, which has just the amount of your taste, space, and budget. Now you're armed with these insights, you're ready to make your dining room the heart of your home, a place where enjoyment, communication, and mouth-watering meals are in abundance.


Explore the different types of designer dining tables online.

Find the universe of designer dining tables! All shapes in use bring a collection of different styles and functionalities. This is a starting point for creating memorable parties & events. From rectangles to rounds, there's a shape for every taste, and room.


  • Rectangular Dining Tables:

Wondering about rectangular tables is to skip classics, as they give a lot of room for serving and dining. They are perfect for long and narrow rooms and can be used for seating larger gatherings. They can form a linear design creating a sense of authority and discipline which is best suited when you need the room to be formal. Think about the extensions that can be used when welcoming guests. They will bring more brightness and interest to your home.


The Square tables convey a more romantic setting and are thus more suitable for individuals or groups seeking a private environment. They add a contemporary feature to regular dining tables and promote an easy flow of conversation since the people are seated close to each other. Of all pieces of furniture, square tables suit best square (or similarly sized) rooms. They help utilize space to the fullest and add visual symmetry and harmony.


  • Round Dining Tables:

These kinds of round tables, with their rustic vibe and sense of warmth, are just perfect for mealtimes and casual talks. Smooth rounded edges add a sense of symmetry to food halls, creating a peaceful environment and a space that allows smooth conversation among people. The advantage of round tables is that they can be used almost anywhere whether it's a small space or a large room, they provide multiple options for seating arrangements that one can personalize for different occurrences.


  • Circular Dining Tables:

Circular tables provide a one-of-a-kind application of deemed round tables, featuring a wider radius and usually a pedestal base. With this layout, diners have more legroom for dining and a central point, the table. The round table is a flexible piece of furniture that looks good in dining rooms, whether for formal dinners or casual meals, adding a little air of sophistication to the place. They are great complementary elements in a modern setting where they will express the desired intent.


  • Semi-Circular Dining Tables:

Semi-circular tables are an ideal option summing up both the sophistication and practicality of round and rectangular tables. These bowls are ideal for compact dining spaces, and a convenient addition to a large menu. They are welcome in a variety of settings. A round table can be put along the wall saving space and, at the same, it will still be long enough for more than one guest sitting. The uniqueness of their shapes makes them interesting and leaves you with no reason but to have a cozy dinner experience.


  • Hexagonal Dining Tables:

Hexagonal-shaped tables display liveliness in dining areas by offering a break from the conventional. They will offer enough space to sit and they can surprise the room's design by doing this. Tabular woods fair with contemporary or eclectic décor, standing as a modern aspiration. Six sides of these tables mean that they can be used comfortably, and can also serve as center-pieces for a dining room, which can facilitate conversation among the guests.


  • Oval Dining Tables:

Oval tables combine the superior features of both square and round tables in so much as they occupy the lengthy form of a rectangle but have the inclusiveness of a circle. They are ideal for dining as they have sufficient surface areas that ensure the diner's much-needed privacy even though the dining locations flow from one place to another. Rectangular or oval tables are more like the better option for long spaces, as they help focus the eye and bring out the beauty of the room in question.


Pick your form, invite your relatives, and enjoy awesome group dining! The right dinner table makes every meal a highlight of a great shared time with your loved ones.


Why buy dining table sets from GetMyCouch?

GetMyCouch (GMC) is your go-to place for buying dining table sets, and here's why-

First of all, we build hold on the concept of quality. We build our dining furniture with the best quality materials like marble, real wood, and durable metal finishes that can withstand daily use for many years. Our furniture is made of high-quality materials, so it won’t only look great in the near future, but also for years to come.

In addition, we have multiple designs that are meant for every fashion persona. Considering you are looking for classic extravagance or modern indulgence, you will need not look any further. Whether your decorative style is eclectic, modern, or rustic, our collections complement the ever-changing trends and refine your house's interior.

Our awareness of affordability is also the third principle. Our prices are reasonable, and we always come with promotional sales of luxury dining sets to make them attainable for any individual. With a little investment, you’ll be able to create a more intimate and inviting dining area.

In fact, should we mention excellent quality, variety, cheapness, or comfort, there are many reasons to visit GetMyCouch when you plan to buy a dining table set. With us, you do not just purchase furniture, but you rather make a long-term worthy investment that adds up to your lifestyle and brings satisfaction to you.


Best Dining Sets for 2024

Which material is the best for dining tables?

What are the different sizes of beds available?
A table made from the material of my choice is the perfect one addressing individual choice and demand. Indeed, products of materials such as wood, metal, and marble being considered as a top class can be attributed to their long life, aesthetic style, and so on.
How do I choose a dining table?
Selecting a dining table is a task that necessitates a few considerations like the area in your house and the current indoor decoration. If your dining space has a more standard or rustic interior design, solid wooden tables would be a nice choice for you. An alternative would be the use of metal or marble tables for the modern or contemporary refresh of your décor. Furthermore, choosing the material of a dining table that resembles other items in the house like the countertops or door panels will make the space look incredible and unified. Finally choosing a dining table is a matter of personal choice, which should be guided by your taste and lifestyle at the same time.
What height is the best for a dining table?
Usually, the best height for a dining table is around 2.5 feet or 30 inches. It gives the spaces the right amount of height so that people may sit at the tables without having to feel too low or too high. It is as well the point to adhere to this model size just thank wherefor. On the other hand, there are a variety of shapes you may choose from for your table. It doesn’t matter if you like round, rectangular or square - you get to choose the shape you like and design it to fit your personality and space.
How do I select a shape for my dining table set?
One of the things important when selecting the shape of your dining table is your room configuration, seating needs, and lifestyle. Usually, for the bigger groups people prefer rectangular tables lying down, whilst circles or square ones potentially promote familiar sides. Review your room's layout and style to see if the table suits the room decor. Consider the variety of meals and also take into account other areas of function like for instance activities and formal dining. Think over these factors, and choose the best shape that will add up space and make your dining exquisite.
How to keep the dining table neat & clean?
Keep the dining table neat and uncluttered by carrying out a regular and proper cleaning schedule. At the very beginning, clean the table after each meal by wiping away crumbs and spills with a piece of damp cloth. To shield the surface from heat, moisture, and scratches, make use of placemats and coasters. Keep the tablet dust-free by frequently dusting it with a soft cloth or a microfiber duster. This will help to get rid of any accumulated dust and dirt. For more stubborn stains, use a mild detergent in water, and stay away from scratching agents that could destroy the paint job. Lastly, think of additional protection and style by using a tablecloth or a runner. As long as you take good care of it, your dining table will keep its fantastic state for years without having to replace it.