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by Anuj Kumar 07 Jun 2019

Sofas add to your living room stories where many important conversations happen over a cuppa coffee, tea.

A sofa adds to the décor of your living room, it is the pièce de résistance in your home. There are many kinds of sofas. They are objects which are source of memories, a place to lounge on, relax, and become a ‘couch potato’ binge watch those episodes on Netflix, Amazon, read your favorite ‘Fredrick Forsyth’, ‘Amitav Ghosh’ or Harelequin romance, eat your slice of cheese pizza. There are many kinds of sofas which are popular and are find pride of place in your homes.


Chesterfield sofa synonymous is with its ‘quilted’ or ‘tufted’ style on the arms, back and in some cases in the sitting area. It is a classic to contemporary style. They help you to sit upright without wrinkling your garments.    


The loveseat as the name implies is a sofa for two- to cuddle, to snuggle. It often occupies a pride of place in the bedroom, sometimes included in living room sets. The same styles which apply to sofas are translated to sofas also like Norwegian, Cambriole, the classic Chesterfield and others.

Like sofas, loveseats come in many styles and designs such as Camelback, cabriole, etc. In bedrooms, they create a niche sitting area in a corner or at the foot of the bed. Though they do not allow you to stretch yourself out, you can always curl up and read your favorite novel. They make a great place for a day-time nap.

The various love seat dimensions and their categories measured arm-to-arm are-

compact: one person up to 51 inches long,

small: 52 inches long,

medium: 58 inches long,

full: up to 64 inches long, and

Loveseat sofas: up to 71 inches long.


Recliner sofas are new entrants on the scene. They usually find pride of place in media rooms. They make a great deal of watching television and reading. They look a little out of place in formal sitting rooms.

You can make a makeshift media room by making an elevated platform, placing a couple of reclining sofas or chairs, a projector or big, big TV – lo! Your media room is ready for viewing and entertaining.


When you say sectional sofas a picture of large single sofa comes to your mind. They come in small pieces which make up a big pieces making up one large piece. They are a perfect fit for people with

  • Large homes with huge living rooms or sit-outs
  • People with large families who entertain a large number of guests.

Sectional sofas come in smaller pieces; the number of pieces to be bought depends upon the size and layout of the room. The number of pieces varies from 3 to 5. It’s often called the multi-piece sofa. The common configurations are U-shape an L-shape.


The placing of sofas whichever style you choose is important as they should not look out of place. They can be up against a wall with a coffee/center table next to them. They can be placed bang in the middle of the room and yet add to your space. Sofas aids in creating joyous memories so choose wisely before buying one.

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